Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bradley Penka


Travel & Tourism

The Economic Development office also serves as the Rush County Tourism Office serving as a central contact agency for Rush County Historical Society, the Kansas Barbed Wire Association, and other local tourist and historical sites.

Hours & Fees

Rush County
Historical Society

Barbed Wire Museum

Rush County Economic Development

715 Elm - P.O. Box 326
La Crosse, KS 67548

Phone 785-222-2808

e-mail: rced@rushcounty.org


The purpose of Rush County Economic Development is to work to bring people in the county together as a community, increase the quality of life in order to attract new residents, stimulate business growth and development, and make greater opportunity for youth.

Check our Website at www.rushcounty.org/EconDev/

Economic Development Committee

Meetings: 4th Monday of each month

Kansas Barbed Wire Museum - Hagemeier Conference Room

Lawrence Erbes, President

Jay Jecha, Vice-President

Bradley Penka, ED Administrator

Brian Baalmann

Dustin Day

Kara Jecha

John Seymour

Jerilyn Stull

Terry Warner

Jared Petersilie, Extension Agent