Saturday, March 28, 2020


Victim Information


Consumer Protection

This division of the Kansas Attorney General investigates scams, mediates and prosecutes violations of the Consumer Protection Act, Charitable Organization and Solicitations Act, the Kansas False Claims Act, the Funeral and Cemetery Merchandise Agreements Act and the Kansas Cemetery Corporation Act. Such fraudulent actions include but not limited to: mail scams, telemarketing scams, and internet scams. To submit a complaint, please follow this link to the Consumer Protection Division of the Kansas Attorney General for more information or call at 1-800-432-2310 or (785) 296-3751.


Crime Victims Compensation

Victims who have suffered loss of earnings and out-of-pocket loss for injuries sustained as a direct result of violent crime may qualify for financial assistance from the Kansas Crime Victims Compensation Board. Loss may include reasonable medical care, mental health counseling or other services necessary as a result of the injury. If the crime resulted in the death of the victim, reasonable medical expenses and the partial cost of funeral, burial or cremation may be reimbursable. Personal property loss is not covered other than any clothing and bedding seized as evidence. Crime Victims Compensation Division of the Attorney General's Office administers these services.

The first step in receiving compensation assistance is to fill out an application and file with the Crime Victims Compensation Division. Please allow at least three (3) months for your application to be reviewed. You have the right to appeal the board's decision if you disagree. Please click here for an application.

If you have further questions, please contact the Kansas Attorney General.


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