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Sidewalks Parking

According to the zoning regulations, ensuring that the lands that are deemed necessary to take security measures within the boundaries of the municipality and the adjacent area, to eliminate the damages and dangers by closing the open wells and cellars, to prevent the leakage of sewerage and septic tank pits, to prevent the excavation wastes from spilling out of the allowed places, To evacuate the buildings that are at a level to be demolished, to take the necessary measures in the implementation of demolition decisions, to detect the constructions made without license, to stop the construction immediately, to draw up a report with the officials of the relevant units of the municipality, to take legal action against them, to take the necessary measures regarding the construction or workplace in line with the decisions and instructions of the competent authorities regarding their evacuation and demolition. to take other measures and take legal action together with the legal authorities.


To prevent the garbage of houses, apartments and workplaces from being thrown on the streets, to prevent damage to the public garbage and sorting boxes and to spill the wastes in these boxes to the environment, to take legal action against those who violate the rules, to take action against those who dispose of their wastes in violation of the rules.


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